The New Audio: Reaching the Spotify Listener in Singapore


TNS report finds Singaporeans streaming more music than ever before. At least two out of five Singaporeans with internet connection streaming on Spotify.

Music listening trends have been shifting over the years, from vinyl to CDs to downloads to online streaming. We are now living in the world of on-demand music. Streaming platforms and mobile devices bring music to consumers throughout their day, whatever their activity, making audio a constant companion.

In order to investigate these ever-changing trends, Spotify has commissioned TNS, a global market-research company, to compare the reach of traditional radio to music streaming.

With a sample size of over 2000 respondents in Singapore and benchmarked against 14 radio networks, the TNS report found that Singaporeans are streaming more music than ever before. At least two out of five Singaporeans with internet connection are streaming on Spotify.

Based on the results from this study, Spotify can be seen as the third largest “radio station” here in Singapore, especially amongst those aged 15-64.  However, when zooming further into the data, those aged between the 15-24 see Spotify as their go to “radio station”. This demonstrates how music streaming is now mainstream and no longer future thinking.

Here are some other key highlights from the study:

  • Spotify delivers 11.1% incremental unique reach to radio networks on average.
  • Spotify users listen to Spotify during a variety of activities like surfing the internet, relaxing, studying, exercising, and driving, while the vast majority of radio listeners listen while driving.
  • Spotify users are social influencers compared to traditional radio listeners.
  • Spotify listeners steadily grow through 4pm, while radio listeners peak during the morning and evening commute.

“Music listeners today are now soundtracking their lives based on moments,” says Ong Sea Yen, Regional Vice President of Sales for Spotify in Asia.

Ong adds: “Many are looking for content that would complement and represent moments in their lives. This is a trend that would help marketers and advertisers to be more targeted but it really starts with knowing where, when and how your audience listens. As demonstrated by this TNS study, we are able to share insights into a unique audience which traditional radio stations may not necessarily be able to reach.”



Download the general infographic from our study here, for Spotify user behaviours, you may find the infographic here.

For more complete results, including expanded audience and vertical information, contact your sales representative or drop us an email at


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